Help! How do I Edit Misspelled Words in the SpellChecker (RadWorklist Standalone Program)
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The RadWorklist works with MS Word or uses its own built in feature.

In your worklist, click on Options and look on the User Information & Preferences tab.
Look for the box next to "Use Built in SpellCheck (Requires Restart)" . If it’s checked, you can find your custom dictionary file here :

Go to your C drive
Click on the DVMINSIGHT folder
Click on the Spelling folder
Click on the folder containing your username
Click on the file called CUSTOM.DIC and it will open and you can edit your list and save the file.

If your box is not checked, then you would open Word and start a blank document and type the misspelled word.
Right click on the word and select Spelling from the drop down list. Then click Options and click the button that says Custom Dictionaries.
Your default dictionary will be highlighted (CUSTOM.DIC) and you can click the button to right that says Edit Word List.
This will give you a list and you can change the spelling of your words.

You can download an instruction sheet below.

Contact support by opening a ticket if you still have questions. 


 how to edit misspelled words in spellchecker.pdf (60.86 KB)
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