My BOUNCE program is not working. What should I do?
Posted by Stephen Walters (Import), Last modified by DVMInsight Support1 on 23 April 2015 03:53 PM

Troubleshooting BOUNCE errors can be difficult and generally requires a support call from us.

Please first make sure your BOUNCE program is running. If it is running and you are still having an error, please open a ticket and we will get back to you shortly.

The most common reasons for the program not working are listed below:

1> Program is not started
2> Program is unable to listen for incoming images because something is already using the port
3> Program in functional, but the viewer/radiology source sending to it can not connect because IP address information is wrong
4> Program is functional, but viewer is not actually sending images.

1> Check the system tray, you should see a triangle shaped icon next to the clock of three computers. Resting the pointer on it should give you the "BounceNet" popup hint. Right clicking this icon will give you Options and Restore for the program.

2> We suggest that you set Bounce up to listen on port 108, not 104. Althought the DICOM standard port is 104, it's likely already in use by your radiology software. But remember, whatever port Bounce is set to listen on, your viewer/radiology software needs to send to.

3> A good deal of computer networks use Dynamic IP addresses. Unfortunately, DICOM wasn't designed for dynamic addressing, instead it was designed for static addresses, this means IP addresses that never change. There are several ways to accomplish this, but most should be handled by your IT staff.

4> Several times, we've seen this issue: The viewer program states "Sending 4 of 4 images" but has actually only sent 3, or worse has sent image 1 and 2 twice! Looking at the Bounce logs the DVMInsight staff can see if this is the situation. It's rare, but it's something to be aware of.

If Bounce NET fails to install with error: "A referenced assembly is missing from your computer" and the type is COMException. Delete the app cache and reinstall the program.

Please feel free to open a ticket should you need assistance:


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