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For Radiologists & Company Administrators: What's New in DVMINSIGHT Version:
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What’s New in the Radportal/Worklist/WebRadWorklist


  1. Recent Reports:   There is now a page that will show you your recent reports and will filter to find only your reports. Go to Cases and Reports/My Recent Reports. Cases are sorted by date.

    2. Image Library: You can now access the image library from within the RadPortal. Select Productivity/Image Library.

    3. Patient Lookup Search Page: If you need to find a previous set of radiographs or a report for a patient and don’t know the

         study date- go here! Select Cases and Reports/Patient Look up

             Type in the patient ID or Name exactly as it appears in the other submissions and it will find anything that is a possible match.

              You can then look at the Hospital name and see if that is a matc

     4. Recover passwords: The Radportal now has a password recovery feature on the home page.

        If you have forgotten your username/password, it will ask you for your email and send it to you.


Online Worklist (WebRadWorklist):

  1. Number of Cases Count: There is now a number count in the Webworklist that will tell a reader how many cases are in each section (Claimed and First Available).
  2. Auto-Refresh: The Auto-Refresh check box will stay checked if you check it at the start of your Radportal session until your session expires. Click to Read More.


Company Associations:

  1. Specialists can now view their Company associations in the RadPortal. This will show you the Companies you read cases for. Profile Management/My Profile/ Click on the Company Associations Tab.
  2. There are instructions at the top of the page explaining the function of each item and you can update your Company Associations. If you remove yourself from an active Company, please make sure they are aware you are no longer reading for them.


Company Administrators:

  1. There is now a new page that will let you manage the associated Specialists on your Company. On this page, you can enable Specialists to cover when your primary Specialists are on vacation! Click Company Administration/ Site Doctors.

    2. There’s now a Company Specific Worklist View on Admin Pages.

       This will let you see the status of all cases currently submitted for review. Click to Read More.





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