Mac Users: WebRadWorklist is Online- No Need to Install Additional DVMINSIGHT Software
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The Basics: Mac users can access the WebRadWorklist to do their reporting and images are downloaded directly into Osirix.

  • WebRadWorklist is cloud based and runs in any internet browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. You will use the worklist to access your cases and do your reports. You will not, however, use the worklist to download cases.
  • To download cases you will configure Osirix to access our server directly. When you have cases to be read you will download them directly into your Osirix program which is the most efficient way we know to get cases to you.

Getting Set Up:

  • Step 1: Configure Osirix
  • Submit a Ticket for directions in configuring Osirix to access your cases online. This will require our participation because we must configure your program with our server
  • Once you are configured you will QUERY our server and RETRIEVE your images. When you query our server you will only see the cases that need a report or you have previously reported. It will all depend on what cases are available in your WebRad Worklist
  • Step 2: Access the worklist
  • Login to the RADPORTAL 
  • Go to PRODUCTIVITY>>>WebRadWorklist
  • Use the worklist just like you used the standalone RadWorklist program

What if I have a PC – can the WebRadWorklist download images directly into Efilm/Clear Canvas/Sante Viewer, etc? Not yet. We are, however, working on a workaround for PC based viewers such as eFilm and Clear Canvas which will allow you to do the same thing on a PC. Presently, none of the PC based viewers have the functionality that Osirix has which makes this system work.

What do I need if I’m a Mac user and want to open attachments? Because Mac users will likely be bringing attachments to their computers for the first time, you’ll need to have the right tools installed to make sure you can view all the attachment types we support:

  1. Acrobat Reader (Or other PDF reader)
  2. Video Player able to play AVI, MPG and MOV files
  3. Office (Or program able to open .DOC and DOCX files)
  4. An Anti-Malware program such as Nod32 for Mac, or Symantec Security for Mac

Anti-malware Program? I thought Macs can’t get spyware or viruses? Although malware and viruses are less prevalent on OSx than they are on Windows, they are on the rise. The likelihood of having an issue is slim, and most users would never have trouble if the exercised a bit of caution (much the same as windows users that take the same precautions) but as the old saying goes “An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.” We believe that taking precautions, instead of relying on odds and Security through Obscurity is a more prudent course for our users, especially when you consider that the most common vector for infiltration into a computer are PDFs.

Is there an App for that? There is no native App for the iPhone or Ipad.

Can I use an iPad to report my cases? In theory, yes. In practice, using an iPad will not be an efficient method of reporting cases. On an iPad you cannot run two programs simultaneously so you will have to run Osirix then close it to view Safari to do your reporting. Moreover, digital radiography images are memory intensive. We do not know how large image sizes will work on an iPad and we do not provide support for issues encountered on an iPad.

Can you recommend a voice recognition program for the Mac? Many radiologists use Dragon Speak on the PC and it works very well. The same company has a Mac based program called Dragon Dictate and it works acceptably well. Importantly, PC users will not be able to transfer their voice files directly to the Mac. One way to speed up the training process is to train the software using old radiology reports. We can make your old reports available to you in a single file for this purpose. Please contact us and we will get those reports to you. Experience has shown, a user should give the Dragon Dictate at least two weeks of heavy use before the speech recognition is acceptable. Stick with it – it seems to learn faster than its PC counterpart.

How does Spellcheck work? The WebRadWorklist has a built in spellchecking program with a basic vocabulary.You will be able to personalize your dictionary and add words. if you have a list of words (single line) that you would like us to upload to your dictionary, please send it to us and we will upload it for you.


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