DVMInsight Client Management Policy
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At DVMInsight we have a unique relationship with the Radiologists using our platform and their clients.

When clients contact us and ask to switch from their current provider to another Radiologist also using DVMInsight, we adhere to the following policy:

  1. The client must initiate the provider change in writing.
    1. This can be done by submitting a ticket on our tech support website at www.dvminsight.net or by sending an email to support@dvminsight.net.
    2. In that email or ticket, they must state that they are authorized to request the change, list their current provider and tell us who they wish to use as their new provider.
  2. Once we receive the request in writing, we will evaluate the client’s current account activity on the DVMInsight platform.  If the client hasn’t submitted a case for review in a year from the date of the request, we will honor their request immediately and associate their account with their new provider.
  3. If the client’s current activity shows they have submitted a case for review in a year from the date of the request, as a courtesy, we will contact their current provider and inform them of their client’s request to switch providers and request their permission to make the change.
  4. We allow the current provider 72 hours to respond to the request to switch. If we don’t hear from them within 72 hours, we must honor the client’s request to switch to another service without permission.
  5. If clients contact us with a request to submit studies to multiple services at the same time via the DVMInsight platform, we will facilitate communication between the services involved and ask that they come to an agreement to meet their client’s needs.
    1. This could involve creating a Request Group to allow specific Radiologists to access certain cases.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

DVMInsight Support

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