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How to Edit Your Hospital Doctors List
Posted by Stephen Walters (Import), Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 15 March 2017 04:14 PM

There are two ways to do this after logging into your account on

Option 1:

1. Select Hospital from the My Profile drop down menu

2. Select the Hospital Doctors tab

To add a Doctor: Click Add Doctor. Enter the Doctor Name and Doctor Email (if desired), then click Insert Doctor.

To edit a Doctor: Click Edit next to the Doctor's name. After changes have been made click Update.

To inactive a Doctor: Click Edit next to the Doctor's name. Uncheck the Active box and click Update. Doctors cannot be deleted completely from the system, but once marked inactive, they will not show in the Select Submitting Doctor drop down menu when requesting a report.

Option 2:

1. On the history form, select Click here to add a new Doctor next to the Select Submitting Doctor drop down menu

2. A pop-up window will display asking if you would like to navigate away from the page. If you select OK, any information you have entered on the history form will be lost and you can continue with the instructions above under Option 1. Once changes are made to the hospital doctors list you will need to navigate back to the Submit Request page and request a report again.





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