Help: The case I claimed has the wrong number of images listed in the history. What do I do? (RADIOLOGIST ONLY)
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There are a few ways to deal with this situation:

1). Please contact us and let us contact the hospital. We can ask them to resend or we'll give you the link to the missing images when they don't link cases to their report requests. If you suspect that you're missing images you can log into the RADPortal and check to see if they sent more and just didn't link them. We usually like to know what's going on though so we can train them to link them properly.

2). Issue a Preliminary report. (hit confirm and select Preliminary from the drop down) this will keep the case in your worklist, and keep the exam open, and then you can come back and edit the report.
Preliminaries get emailed and faxed to the clinic. If in the "findings" you state: "Your history indicates that there were 2 images and you have only submitted 1, please submit additional images" usually it resolves the issue quickly or they contact us saying "Well we know we sent more than that.. " This allows us to figure out where the rest of the images are.

3). If the history indicates there's 1 film and you receive 5, it may be worth a call to see what is happening with their submission.

4). Another part of reading "remotely" is to remember that a CR/DX study series can take anywhere from as little as 2 mins to show up completely on our server to as long as an hour. This is because of differences in transmission speeds from the client. So when missing images you might want to look at the request time vs current time and see if you may just not have gotten them all yet.
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