Can I use the standalone RadWorklist on a Mac? (RADIOLOGISTS ONLY)
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 29 April 2017 06:23 AM

Yes, the RadWorklist can be installed on a Mac running Parallels or Bootcamp with Windows. Your system should have at least 4GB of RAM, but more memory is recommended (6GB or 8GB) if you are using other programs such as voice recognition software.

It has been noted that some readers using Windows on a Mac may not receive the most recent worklist updates as they are published. To remedy this problem, is necessary to make sure your Windows is restarted daily to incorporate new updates of the RadWorklist. To make sure you have the most recent version of the worklist, you can visit the website and click on the launch button. This will install your updates.

To access the most recent RadWorklist version, please log into the RadPortal and select the program from the Downloads drop down menu.

Mac users can use the drag and drop feature to import images into Osirix for review.
When the image folder opens in your worklist, you can simply drag those images into Osirix and read them.

In the event that you are attempting to download a case in your worklist and your download disappears, you can try to re establish your network connection.

In Parallels go to

Devices >> Network Adapter 1 >> Disconnect

Devices >> Network Adapter 1 >> Connect


Osirix Tips:

At times you may need to view previous images for a case via the RadPortal. You can use Safari to import the images from the RadPortal into Osirix.

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