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What are Request Groups?
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 15 March 2017 12:29 PM

A Request Group is essentially a subgroup of readers within your company . This group can be selected from the Select Consultant drop down menu when your client requests a report. For example, they could select DENTAL INTERPRETATION, CARDIOLOGIST REFERRAL, or SURGICAL CONSULT from the drop down menu. When the case is submitted for review, a notification will go to all of the Readers in that group and the first available Reader can pick it up.

A few things to know about Request Groups:

  1. You can establish your own Request Groups based on your Company’s needs.
  2. Request Groups appear at the bottom of the Select Consultant drop down menu when your client is requesting a report.
  3. Request Groups cannot have a STAT applied to them. If this happens, the request reverts back to First Available.
  4. Request Groups are will display for all of your clients, you cannot select specific clients.
  5. If your Company is set up to display First Available Only, then Request Groups will not show up. If you want to use this feature, we will need to make this adjustment.
  6. Request Groups are not limited to a company’s current Readers. This will enable to you to create Request Groups such as DENTAL INTERPRETATION. If you want to add a Reader to your company for this purpose, you will need to contact the reader first and then we can create this association.


Please contact DVMInsight Support for assistance with creating a Request Group for your company.

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