Using the RadPortal for Reader Productivity Reports (RADIOLOGISTS ONLY)
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Productivity Update!
The RadPortal now allows you to run a report to view information on the number of reads you have done for a company as well as patient information for those reads.

If you are a company administrator, you can also run a report that will show you the number of reads per reader on your company.

Here is how you get started.
Go the the RadPortal:
Log in with your username and password
Click on the Productivity Menu
Select Case Reads
Select the appropriate tab to work with:
By Company : Gives you an individual report for each company you read for.
All Companies : Gives you a combined report for ALL the companies you read for.

Administrator Options:
Company Reads: Gives you a report listing productivity for each reader on your company.

To generate the report values and export the data , change the date range, click the Create Report button and Export to XLS button.

To view a brief video on this process, please click the following link:

If you are the administrator for your company, yet you do not see the third tab labeled Company Reads on the Case Reads page, please open a ticket and we will adjust your profile:

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