Help! I'm using a MAC and RadBounce. RadBounce is stuck in a loop! (RADIOLOGISTS ONLY)
Posted by DVMInsight Support1, Last modified by DVMInsight Support1 on 03 February 2014 04:40 PM

If you are using a MAC to read cases, this issue is a result of the way Parallels handles programs.

The VM software does not honor ClickOnce program update rules properly.  We have found that this is not an issue that exists when using a PC. 

Our advice is the following:

1. Always close your parallels session by shutting it down at the end of each day. If you see the program update, immediately shut your virtual session down completely and restart it. That means all sessions. If you have two Worklist icons showing you have “two” windows sessions running. So both need shutting down. That will commit the changes to the VM and should hold your updates.

2. Never have two Worklists running at once. This is a single instance program and is actually flagged at the source code level to be single instance. But one of the “features” of Parallels is the ability to run multiple instances of single instance programs at the same time. The bad part of that is that you’ll end up with crossed versions. This cascades into Radbounce’s version being out of sync with the worklist. Then the program starts, crashes, and starts again.

3. If you continue to use the mac, you’ll probably hit this over and over again. One thing you can do- If you’re only using Radbounce to send images to Osirix, then you actually don’t need it. When you open a report, the window showing all the images opens with it. Select All > Drag to Osirix’s window.  It’ll import them into Osirix without the need to send. This doesn’t put them on you pacs if it’s separate, but it does get them in the viewer.

4> Try starting RADBounce FIRST. The worklist scans the process list of windows for a running copy of the program, if it finds one it doesn't bother launching one. This could avoid the looping completely and since we rarely change RadBounce it won’t update and get stuck.

If you continue to have issues after following these steps, please open a ticket: 



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