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The attached PDF will provide detailed instructions on how to DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE DVMIDOWNLOADER for use with the WebRadWorklist within the RadPortal.  
Watch this video to see how to use the NEW DVMIDOWNLOADER alongside the WebRadWorklist in the RadPortal. The attached PDF will also provide detailed instructions on this process.
Due to the volume of emails we send out, certain ISP companies could block us or label us as spam intermittently. There are a few things you can do to fix this: 1). Call your ISP, as their client, and tell them that "Vital patient medical records...
"The worklist seems OK. I marked cases to download. The Download monitor opens, shows the name of the first case, then quits. I Rebooted the computer & re-launched program, no help. This seems to be happening with all the cases I attempt to download an...
This feature can be used in the RadPortal/WebRadWorklist when you need to create an exam without images for the purpose of issuing a report. To download instructions on how to create a new exam, please see the attachment below.
The VLC media player is a free and open source media player, made by VideoLAN, that can read almost all files and formats. To Install the VLC media player: [
How to use the RadWorklist to view old reports on a patient.
When you run your own Teleradiology Company on DVMInsight, you have the ability to manage cases, even if they haven't been submitted directly to you as the Consultant. For example, if a case needs to be moved to the DVMIStat service, this can be done thr...
How to use the Radiologist Portal
Instructions on how to configure the RadWorklist
Form to create custom Request Groups
Please See the attached PDF for instructions on how to alter your Options settings within the RadWorklist to speed up downloads or access the case online in the RadPortal.