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For Readers: An Enhanced WebRadWorklist Experience is Coming on March 30, 2020!
Posted by DVMInsight Support on 26 March 2020 09:45 AM

An Enhanced WebRadWorklist Experience is Coming on March 30, 2020!

 In the next DVMInsight release, on Monday, March 30, 2020 we will introduce fresh updates to the WebRadWorklist (in the RadPortal) user interface that will streamline the report writing process.

 In other exciting news, we are also testing a companion downloader, called the DVMIDownloader that will allow Windows PC users to use the online WebRadWorklist to issue reports and download studies easily, without needing to use the standalone RadWorklist program. Once this software is ready, we will release it to the DVMInsight Reader community!


Highlights of the Upcoming WebRadWorklist Changes

  • Fresh, updated icons in the WebRadWorklist upper tool bar

  • The Report button under the Command section has been replaced with a new trio of operations. These will allow you to:
    • select a case
    • download images (for now, this button will only work for those in the test group)
    • launch the report form
    • download a zip file, all from one easy location.


  • The columns displaying case details have been combined or consolidated to display details together without needing a slide bar

    • Local Time & Server Time columns are now combined into Submitted
    • The time displayed is listed in YOUR local time zone, based on your profile settings.
    • Patient ID & Patient Name have been combined into the Patient column
    • Friendly Name is now called Clinic and this column will also show you the requesting Doctor name and Company.
    • The Downloads column will tell you how many images you’ve downloaded of the study, using the companion DVMIdownloader. (Mac users can pass over this column).
  • You’ll see a NEW TAB in your worklist view, located in between Case List and Dicom Send , called Recent Cases.

We have removed the Show Confirmed Cases checkbox and replaced it with this tab. This will make searching for previous cases and issuing addenda easier!


  • When launching the Report form, you’ll notice updated icons at the top of the form

  • We have added a star icon to indicate when a case has Client Notes, Attachments or Other cases


(If a case has no notes, attachments or reference cases, no stars will appear on these tabs).

  • Claiming cases is the same operation you are used to. Check the box to select your case and click the icon to claim your case(s).
  • The WebRadworklist will auto refresh every 7 seconds and new cases will be added if they are available. You will not need to manually click the Refresh button when looking for new cases.

 Coming Soon in a Future Release:

  • A new tool to import your Spell Check files (from PC) into the WebRadWorklist.
  • Installation link to the DVMIDownloader will be provided once testing is complete


Questions? Contact DVMInsight Support by submitting a ticket.