How to Share With or Grant Guest when Case is in Ask Status
Posted by Jennifer Mickulas, Last modified by Jennifer Mickulas on 06 April 2017 04:17 PM

Share Case: Sends a notification via email to a hospital in your company network or with a DVMInsight account regarding a case shared with them. The hospital will log into their own DVMInsight account, select All Exams from the Review My Cases drop down menu, and click on the Cases Shared with You to access it.

Guest Access: Sends a notification via email with instructions to log into DVMInsight using your guest username/password. They will only be able to access the case that was shared with them for the duration selected (Guest vs. Universal Guest). All images will be accessible.

Advanced Guest Access: Functions the same as Guest Access, but allows you to select specific images to share. This can only be done when requesting a report.


When a Case is in Ask Status:

1. For Share Case,

a. Click Share With


b. Select the Hospital from either drop down menu options OR enter an Email Address, then click Share This Case




2. For Guest Access,

a. Click Grant Guest


b. Select Guest and the expiration date OR Universal Guest access


c. Click Save Changes & Send Email

    • Save Changes is used the guest access type is changed and instructions do not need to be sent
    • Send Guest Access Instructions via Email link can be used to resend the email with instructions and login if needed

d. A new window will display with the instructions form, enter the Email Address, Email Message (optional), then click Send Email




3. For Advanced Guest Access,

a. Click Grant Guest