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Sending Images to DVMInsight

Based on best practices for veterinary imaging, it is strongly recommended that you submit images in DICOM, or .dcm format, through a direct transfer between servers. The DICOM format provides the best quality and diagnostic image to your company for interpretation. The direct transfer of these files from your imaging or image storage system also reduces the quantity of steps for you to successfully submit a report request to your company. 

To send images from your imaging system to the DVMInsight server, we recommend that you contact your imaging or image storage vendor support to set up a new server destination.

They will need the following information for the DVMInsight server:

IP Address: (preferred) OR


Port: 108


Once our server has been set up as a destination, please send a test case to confirm it transfers directly to your account.

If you DO see the test study in your DVMInsight account, you may delete it like this:

If you DO NOT see the test study in your DVMInsight account, please reply to this email with the name of the patient so we can search for it on our servers.

Our server tracks images according to the Institution Name and/or AE Title on the DICOM images tags and moves them to the corresponding account. If the information does not match any existing accounts, the images and case will remain in unknown cases. You can search and claim a case from unknown, but this adds extra steps to your workflow and we recommend resolving the issue to save you time.

As a workaround, it is possible to upload images in DICOM or other formats, refer to the following pages for instructions.


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