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DVMInsight 23.1 Release on May 24, 2023 at 5pm ET

A DVMInsight release is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 5pm ET.  No downtime is expected with this release. The release includes the implementation of security enhancements regarding your username, password, and applications for DVMInsight. 

Username Improvements 

  • Added new requirements for usernames on and,
    • Only contains letters and numbers 
    • No special characters 
    • Minimum length of five characters 
  • Usernames can only be changed by DVMInsight Support 

Password Management Improvements 

To improve security for our customers, the following changes will be made for management of passwords in and, 

  • Passwords are hidden for all users. 
  • Password changes will be facilitated by a "reset password" workflow, available from the main DVMInsight log in page as well as the RadPortal log in page. Users will be prompted to enter their username and DVMInsight will send an email to the primary email address associated with the account. The email will contain a reset link that will allow the user to reset their password. The reset link will expire after 20-minutes. 
  • Passwords must contain all of the following:  
    • Capital letter (A-Z) 
    • Lower-case letter (a-z) 
    • Number (0-9) 
    • Special character (!@#$%^&*()_+|~'<>?,./) 
    • Length must be at least 10 characters 
  • Passwords will need to be changed every 180 days. 
  • Accounts will be locked after 10 failed attempts in a 30-minute period. Users can use the "reset password" workflow to unlock their account and set a new password. 
  • When a new account is created, a "set password" email will be sent to the user, allowing them to create their password. 
  • Once a password is reset, it must be updated any of the following DVMInsight applications in use,  
    • Popup Reminder
    • Bounce 
    • RadBounce 
    • DVMI Downloader
  • If you use IDEXX WebPACS to start a Telemedicine case for DVMInsight, you will need to update your password in settings.

Improvements to DVMInsight Application Security 

New versions of the following DVMInsight applications will be published. These new versions contain security improvements and work in conjunction with our new password management changes. 

Users of the following DVMInsight applications should uninstall the current version and install the new versions once released. 

  • Popup Reminder 
  • Bounce 
  • RadBounce 
  • DVMI Downloader 
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