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DVMInsight 23.1 Hot Fix Release on June 12, 2023 at 3pm ET

On June 12, 2023 at 3:00PM ET a 23.1 hot fix was released. The release addressed the following issues on and the DVMI Downloader application.


  • View state issue with WebPR causing app pool restarts, high CPU on web boxes.
    • This fix will enforce a security rule that prevents more than one user from logging into DVMInsight at a time (e.g. using in multiple tabs).  If more than one user logs in, whoever logs will be able to access the site. The other user is automatically logged out.
    • Example: if a clinic is logged in on one browser tab, and then a reader logs in on a second browser tab, the clinic will be automatically logged out.
  • Fixed issue where an exam could be deleted by a Reader.
  • Email-to-text not working and not logging properly.
    • As part of this fix, users can see which emails addresses were included on report and announcement emails.
    • Use the Status Log to see what email addresses were included on outgoing emails.

  • Fixed URLs directing users to Submit a Support Request no longer working with updated support site.
  • Fixed issue where Welcome greeting displayed an incorrect user value.

DVMI Downloader

Various bug fixes

DVMI Downloader takes excessive amount of time to download images

  • DVMI Downloader now reports progress back to the server in batches, rather for each individual image.
  • Batch size defaults to 20, but can be configured in the Additional Downloader Settings screen:
  • DVMI Downloader toast message, which reports on download progress, can be disabled if needed:
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