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Managing Readers for DVMInsight Companies

Adding a New Reader

If you would like to add a new Reader to your company, reach out to DVMInsight Support for assistance. We will need to contact the Reader first for approval then we will assist by associating them to your company or create a new account for them and provide platform training.

Reader Options

First Available Reader

First available readers have access to report cases for your company as soon as they are submitted by your clients. You have the option to allow all or specific clients to submit report requests directly to a reader for your company or to the First Available only.

Secondary Reader

Secondary readers have access to report cases for your company after a predetermined amount of time, known as Secondary Delay, that you manage as a company administrator.

Request Groups

A Request Group is a subgroup of readers within your company; for example, Dental Interpretation, Cardiologist Referral, or Surgical Consult. The group can be selected from the Consultant drop-down menu when your client requests a report. When the case is submitted for review, a notification will go to all the Readers in that Request Group and the first available Reader can claim the case.

A few things to know about Request Groups:

  • You can establish your own Request Groups based on your Company’s needs.
  • Request Groups appear at the bottom of the Select Consultant drop down menu when your client is requesting a report.
  • Request Groups cannot have a STAT applied to them. If this happens, the request reverts back to First Available.
  • Request Groups are will display for all of your clients, you cannot select specific clients.
  • If your Company is set up to display First Available Only, then Request Groups will not show up. If you want to use this feature, we will need to make this adjustment.
  • Request Groups are not limited to a company’s current Readers. This will enable to you to create Request Groups such as DENTAL INTERPRETATION. If you want to add a Reader to your company for this purpose, you will need to contact the reader first and then we can create this association.

Reach out to DVMInsight Support for more information or assistance with Request Groups.

Managing Reader Settings

As a Company Administrator, you can adjust how cases are received by readers.

  • Show in PR allows clients to select the Reader's name from the Consultant drop-down menu in Step 1 of the report request submission process.
  • Show First Avail Case will show cases submitted to the First Available reader in the Reader's worklist.
  • Secondary Reader will apply a time delay to cases submitted to First Available. Once the delay is expired, the Secondary Reader's can see the case in their worklist. Company Administrators can enable and set the time for Secondary Delay.

To adjust Reader settings,

1. Select Site Doctors from the Company Administration drop-down menu.

2. A grid is provided to explain the settings options for each Reader. Click the Edit link next to the reader to make changes.3. Once changes are made, click Update to save.

Secondary Delay Settings

As a company administrator, you can adjust the secondary reader delay settings for your company. 

Important Note: The time setting is in minutes, so entering 0 (zero) means there is no delay and cases will be available to secondary readers upon case submission by your client.

To adjust the secondary delay setting,

1. Navigate to Secondary Delay from the Company Administration drop-down menu.

2. Adjust the minutes for the Secondary Delay.

3. Click Update to save changes.

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